Eat Kid Friendly Adds Special Deal Feature

Are you looking for the best kids deals at nearby restaurants? The Eat Kid Friendly App has you covered!  We’ve added a new feature that identifies free or discounted kids meals at different restaurants thanks to this comprehensive list from Julie’s Freebies. Now, when you search local restaurants, there is a new icon to the right of the restaurant name, it indicates that the restaurant offers either free or discounted food for kids on certain days. If you see this icon  it means the restaurant is offering either free or discounted food for kids that day! Then, when you click on the special icon for that restaurant, the specific deal will be explained below in the description of the restaurant. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and make sure they are still offering the deal listed as restaurants often change their deals and vary them by location. Also when you see

If you take advantage of one of these special offers, be sure to review the restaurant on the Eat Kid Friendly App when you’re done eating and leave some feedback.