EatKidFriendly.com is a web service that will allow web site visitors to

become part of a community of parents and caregivers that actively analyze and review restaurants from the perspective of accommodating small children.

The average parent or caregiver understands the pain of bringing children out in public. From lack of changing tables and disposing of dirty diapers, to giving them a place to burn off some energy, finding a place that meets your children’s needs can be hard. This is compounded greatly with the introduction of food and drinks. Menu selections, price, accommodations, and overall tolerance for children all play a factor in your dining experience.

Many restaurant sites are geared toward deals and reviews, but less directed toward families and children.

I want to help those who choose to have a family, but also like to have a decent meal (and maybe a little fun too).

Eatkidfriendly.com and its mobile app will offer customize-able restaurant search results, geared at judging how responsive an institution is toward families with children.